Orgasm Privilege

North Star
5 min readMar 20, 2023


Women have the natural advantage here, but only if they claim it

I’m not sure if the term “orgasm privilege” is actually in the lexicon yet or not, but if not, let’s add it. I have used it recently to describe one of the only current biological advantages of being a person born into a female body: I can orgasm many, many times without any refractory period.

In fact, as I have explored and expanded, I have discovered more ways for me to come. (Did you know there are currently 24 different TYPES of orgasms identified?) And, because I am less limited by lack of availability of sexual partners, I have more access.

There is also my own self-pleasure, a topic for another day, but I also have more access to that as well for several reasons including less shame, less inhibitions about doing it in the presence of a partner, and well, vibrators. (I did not own one until three years ago, if you can believe that.)

First, the clitoris has at least 8,000 nerve endings, (research now is estimating 10,000) twice as many as the penis.

Age Factors

So one of the reasons for my increased recognition of the orgasm privilege I have is that I am a woman in my mid-40s partnered with men in their mid-40s. This increases my ability, while decreasing theirs.

The clitoris doesn’t age and continues growing, so it can be double the size by your golden years (and how, let’s hope so!) The nerves also spread as a woman reaches middle age, growing into the upper thighs and lower abdomen. (This is why these areas may be more sensitive to touch and why pressing on the flesh above the pubic bone may be more pleasurable than in the past.) It has no purpose but pleasure for its owner. (Take that Intelligent Design believers! Time to get consistent that women’s birthright to sexual pleasure is the way Nature’s God intended.)

Men have a reverse arc with their stamina and ability to ejaculate multiple times without a refractory period of some kind (30 minutes to an hour seems typical) as well as all kinds of erection unpredictability that changes over the course of their life from having one when it’s not convenient, to not having one when that is inconvenient and they’d prefer to have one.



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